Clay Bar Like A Pro

Clay Bar To A Smooth Surface

Often it’s not enough to give your vehicle a good wash and wax. Over time environmental and man-made contaminants build up on the surface leaving it feeling rough and lacking in shine. Before buffing any vehicle the first thing I do after washing with Opti-Clean is run a clay bar over the paint surface. Normally, on a very clean vehicle, I will still pull out quite a bit of environmental contaminants.

You can see and feel the difference after a good going over with a clay bar. Once this is done I know I am now working directly with the paint – giving a significantly better buffing result.


High Gloss Paintwork

The Process

Rules of clay baring:

  1. Ensure the paint surface is clean i.e. washed with appropriate cleaner.
  2. Removed Tar (as this will clog up the bar quickly): use wax and grease remover to take the tar off – an alternative is WD-40.
  3. Ensure the tar remover has completely dried off. If not, it will drag the clay along the paint surface.
  4. Keep the surface lubricated with a grooming product such as Meguiar’s or Optimum’s Instant Detailer.
  5. Only perform on cool paint in the shade and dry the vehicle off with a microfibre after clay baring the panel.

The image on the left – reflects your vehicles paint surface after a good wash but prior to clay bar. In contrast, the image on the right reflects your vehicles paint surface after a clay bay – but prior to a corrective buff.


What We Do

We remove water stains from your vehicles paintwork with a specialised protective solution (not hydrofluoric acid) that over a period of 20-30 minutes gently releases the bond between the stain and clear coat.

We then clay bar the paintwork to remove the heavier contamination items from the paintwork. Significantly reducing the risk of scratching the surface.

The vehicle is then fully cut polished, clarity refined and chips repaired. To further enhance the look and long term protection a paint sealant like DuraSeal or OptiCoat Pro can be applied.

To protect the look, many customers opt for a ceramic paint protection coating like DuraSeal G4/ Premium or OptiCoat Pro/ Pro Plus. To provide an easy to wash and no-wax protection.


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