Paint Protection Film

PPF Service

Multi layer gloss anti-yellowing paint protection film for the ultimate in automotive, RV and marine surface protection. Protection from stone chips and surface scuffing.

More of what you want and less of what you don’t need.

Our range of multi layer films from OptiCoat PPF, 3M, STEK and Premium Shield provide solutions to meet the needs of each vehicle and its owner. With UV protection built into each option, you’re going to enjoy the look and feel of PPF stone chip protection for many years to come without worrying about it going yellow through UV damage.

PPF options range from everyday use protection for around door edges, behind door handles, leading bonnet edge protection 360mm and top of rear bumper through to more advanced protection for higher milage travellers.

PPF For Bonnet & Front Bumper

PPF For Door Edges

PPF For Door Cups

PPF For Top Of Rear Bumper

PPF For MIrrors

PPF Full And Partial Vehicle Options

Vehicle Types

Our experience in PPF application has seen us work on the full range of small hatchback through to super cars and boats.

  • Small Vehicles
  • Medium Vehicles
  • Large Vehicles
  • Motorhomes
  • Boats
What You Should Know*

Not all products and services are equal!

Many Paint Protection Films (PPF) are not to the same exacting standards as OptiCoat PPF, 3M, STEK and Premium Shield are. Many PPF films do not contain UV protective layers to prevent yellowing. What’s more, many other films are hard and inflexible. Which means when a stone hits them they can crack and peal back, causing the film to eventually lift.

We work closely with suppliers to ensure the highest standards of training in application of the film. Applying PPF ilm is NOT like applying vehicle wrap. PPF film will show stretch lines and bubbles if not applied correctly.

Frequently Asked

How Long Does It Last?

Modern PPF’s are designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle. The built-in UV layer protection ensures lasting clarity.

What Brands Do You Work With?

We use OptiCoat PPF FIlm, 3M, Premium Shield & STEK PPF products. These Modern PPF films contain multiple layers with bug stain and scratch resistance.

What Computer Cut Patterns Do You Have?

We have computer cut patterns for most modern European and many other Japanese and Exotic vehicles.

How Do I Care For The Film?

We recommend a soft brush wash when cleaning your car. Followed by a detailing spray to help keep the film supple. For more about car care, please feel free to talk with us.

From $495

Depending on yours and the vehicles needs.

PPF Options
Select from package deals or tailor your PPF package to suite your needs.
Paint Protection Film Options
Select the options that best match the surfaces you want to protect.
Add Ceramic Paint Protection
Add Dura-Seal Ultra high gloss ceramic paint protection. Backed by the TF Group lifetime warranty*.
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Full right side shot with stairs reflecting in paint surface after coating


Protect your vehicles paintwork from unsightly scuffs, stone chips, pin-striping and the ravages of pollution damage.


  • Computer Cut PP
  • Custom Fit PPF
  • Personalised PPF Options
Looking toward roof after ceramic coating applied

Motorhome & Caravan

Protect your motorhome and caravans high-wear areas from scuffing and stone chips with PPF film. Get added protection and ease of cleaning with Dura-Seal Ultra over the top of the PPF.


  • Custom Fit PPF For RV’s
  • Personalised PPF Options
  • Can Be Ceramic Coated With Ultra
Full front and right side after coating applied


For the best PPF surface protection that can have a ceramic coating applied over the top. Our PPF films for marine and jetski use provide multiple protection options.


  • Custom Fir PPF For Marine
  • Hard Wearing Surface
  • Can Be Ceramic Coated With Ultra

Our Process

Step 1: Surface Preparation

Apply a deep clean solution to lift and pollutants from the paintwork and ensure no dirt can get under the PPF film during application.

Step 2: Computer or Custom

We computer cut or custom fit to the vehicle surface. While many computer patterns exist for a wide range of makes and models. Many may require a custom fit PPF application for the best surface match.

Step 3: Inspection & Final Fit

Larger PPF applications i.e. full front to full vehicle take 2-3 days and require varied stages of fitment checking and trimming to correctly mate the film with the vehicle surface.

Landcruiser Prado

Full three stage paint recondition with Dura-Seal Ultra ceramic applied and PPF pinstripe protection package.

McLaren MP4

Full three stage paint correction with custom PPF protection package.

Porsche Panamera

Full paint recondition with custom front and rear PPF protection package.


Full paint recondition, Dura-Seal Ultra with front PPF protection package.

An experience tailored to you

Bronze Package

This PPF protection package best suits a city use car. Takes care of everyday use areas with some frontal protection.

  • Door Cups
  • Door Edges
  • Top Of Rear Bumper

Bronze+ Package

This PPF protection package best suits a city use car. Takes care of everyday use areas with some frontal protection.

  • Bonnet Protector 360mm from front most edge
  • Door Cups
  • Door Edges
  • Top Of Rear Bumper


Silver Package

This PPF protection package best suits a highway use car where the owner is looking to prevent pitting on the front of the car.

  • Bonnet Protector 360mm from front most edge
  • Front Bumper


Gold Package

This PPF protection package best suits a city use car with moderate highway use, providing added stone chip protection to the front bumper, headlights and mirrors.

  • Bonnet Protector 360mm from front edge
  • Front Bumper
  • Headlights
  • Wing Mirrors
  • Door Cups
  • Door Edges
  • Top Of Rear Bumper



Custom Package

Talk with us about your specific needs. We can doo full car PPF protection of the front bonnet, bumper, sides, rear and top. Through to custom cut for specific areas of concern.


Luxury Treatment

Many of these services can be performed at your place or your approved applicators workshop.

Contact With Us

Get started by building up your own package deal quote or let us know what you would like in our contact form, or contact us direct on 0800 731 137.

Total Care

Next to providing the best surface finish, your experience is our focus! From the moment you contact us our focus is on taking care of all aspects of your detailing, reconditioning and protection needs.

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Many of our products are made right here in New Zealand. For the best advice, best solutions and complete dedication to making sure it’s right.

Exterior Ceramic Coatings

High gloss easy cleaning surface protection for your vehicle.

Interior Protection

Leather and fabric protection with NZ"s best warranty.

Stone Chip & Scuff Protection

OptiCoat PPF Film multi layer high clarity self healing film.

1-2-3 Stage Detaling

Paint detailing wash mark, water spot defect correction.

Vehicle Grooming

Regular exterior and interior vehicle grooming service.

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A dedicated team that takes care of every aspect.