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Final Touch Manukau are your Approved Applicator for Dura-Seal G4, Premium, Ultra & Optimum Products. Gordon and his team have been servicing the detailing needs of Manukau City and the greater Auckland South area for 25+ years. Their workshop is catered for all services from Minis through to Motorhomes and Boats.

From 3M, STEK & Premium Shield PPF through to Dura-Seal G4, Premium Ultra, OptiCoat ceramic coatings. The team at Final Touch Manukau are skilled in the art of paint refinishing and paint protection.

  • Thys Nieuwenhuizen Avatar
    Thys Nieuwenhuizen
    - Facebook

    These guys are very professional in how they apply their skills. They are very flexible in making sure that... read more

  • Zion Green Avatar
    Zion Green
    - Facebook

    Amazing job very professional im very glad i used the best in the business

  • Andy Edwards Avatar
    Andy Edwards
    - Facebook

    Grant and the team did an awesome job of smartening up my 911 Turbo. They arranged for stripes to be... read more

  • Alliston Fernández Avatar
    Alliston Fernández
    - Facebook

    Amazing work done by Grant and the team! Can't think of a better person for the job and would highly... read more

  • Debera Mcleod Avatar
    Debera Mcleod
    - Facebook

    A fast repair , great job guys ,Nash and Darryl are reliable and extremely professional . Highly recommend their services.

What Does A Dura-Seal Ultra Customer Enjoy
  • Having their car looking its best
  • Freedom from constant cleaning
  • Preferential service and care
  • 50+ years of knowledge & experience
  • Continued development in the best techniques
What have you worked on before?

The Ultra team have worked on everything from Mini’s through to supercars, motorbike, mote homes and boats. We have a long history in supporting car dealers and private car owners achieve that new car wow factor feeling. Odd’s are you have a friend who has had their car taken car of by an Ultra friendly, Ultra skilled, Ultra person!

Frequently Asked

Are all your services mobile?

Yes, all out grooming and detailing services can be done at your location or ours. However, it can be easier to paint protection film and coatings done at ours where we can ensure the most suitable environment for the application.

My car is black and shows many marks!

We have earned a reputation for making black cars glow, removing swirl marks and holograms to provide the best mirror finish. Talk with us about what can be done and what you are looking to achieve.

How often should I clean my car?

How long is a piece of string? This is why we are passionate about hydrophobic nano-ceramic coatings. They can help reduce the occurrence of water spots, bug stains and increase the time between cleaning. Cars that travel on the highways and country roads each week should be cleaned weekly and protected monthly (if they have no coating applied). Vehicles that are mainly used in the city can get away with every two weeks and two months respectively.

It’s best to discuss with us what your needs are and how you use your car on a regular basis.