Interior Auto & Motorhome Grooming

Mobile Service

Mobile interior grooming service for cars, motorhomes and caravans. Interior decontamination cleaning.

More of what you want and less of what you don’t need.

A Signature Service.

Have the ravages of family life, ferrying children to sports and school left their mark on the interior of your pride and joy. Maybe a long trip with your motorhome or caravan has become a massive clean up! Our signature level interior grooming service for cars, motorhomes and caravans helps you to restore that like new feeling.

Allowing you to be out doing the things that matter while confident unknowing your vehicles surfaces are cared for. Our approved applicators are about the where you would rather be. Dedicated to providing quality car cleaning and grooming solutions for their clients so the they can enjoy the weekend instead of spending it cleaning.

Clean & Protect*

What's important to you

Protect from food and dirt staining

After care kit for leather available

Can apply leather and fabric protection

Who Is An Ultra Customer ?

Ultra Detailing customers are people who value their time, while also valuing their vehicles appearance. Many Ultra Detailing customers are car fans; while others just like a clean car and are not able to physically maintain it as they once could.

Do Have To Commit To Every 3 or 6 months ?

No, you do not need to commit to 3 or 6 month car grooming sessions. However, our experience has shown that for many vehicles 3-6 months is a good time to clean and refresh the interior surfaces.

Do You Have A Workshop ?

There are Ultra Locations in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Napier, Wellington and Christchurch. Each of theses locations have facilities for working at their own premises or yours. Many Ultra customers like to have us call by and take care of their cars at home so that they can be neatly parked away in their garage when done.

What equipment do you use?

Where possible we try and stick with hand cleaning using fabric and leather safe products. Where needed we will use automotive interior safe wet and dry vacuums for stain and deep dirt removal.

From $250

Depending on yours and the vehicles needs.

Full left side view after detailing and grooming

Interior Fabric Seats & Mats

Deep clean vacuum followed by deodorising stain removal spray and agitation lifting away dirt, odours and stains*.

Engine bay after dusting and dressing

Interior Leather Surfaces

Brush and vacuum away heavier dirt and debris items in the crevices and folds. Apply leather cleaner and stain remover*, then treat with 6 month leather protection cream.

Rear leather seats after detailing and grooming

Interior Plastics & Other

Air blow and vacuum crevices apply plastics and vinyl safe biodegradable cleaner to the surfaces. Agitate and release grime and debris from the surfaces. Apply silicone-free protective dressing.

Our Process

Step 1: Surface Assessment

We assess the needs of the vehicles and what contaminants are on the surface. We will discuss with you any specific areas or concerns before starting the interior grooming process.

Step 2: Cleaning Process

All of our cleaning products are biodegradable and safe for use around storm water ways. The high surfactant cleaners address the heavier soiled areas of the fabric, leather and plastic surfaces, gently releasing grime from these surfaces. The surface is then dried and checked.

We use a vortex vibration system to release the dirt form deep in the pile of the carpets and seats.

Step 3: Protect

Vinyl and plastic surfaces are rejuvenated with a silicone free dash protectant product. While leather is treated with a leather protectant sealer cream. Fabric protector can be applied (where included in your quote) to the carpets, mats and seats.

Centre console controls after detailing

Aston Martin

Interior and exterior groom and surface protectant applied.


Interior clean and protection applied

Honda Accord

Boot liner stain removal and fabric protection applied

Honda Accord

Full interior clean with leather and fabric protection

An experience tailored to you

2.5 to 5 hrs, $250/from

Interior Grooming Maintenance

Looking for a regular detail and groom of your vehicles interior to maintain that just detailed look? We provide regular detailing care care options.

Custom Package

Talk with us about your specific needs. How you use your vehicle and the type of experience you want from your exterior surfaces groom.



Vortex Vibration Deep Clean


Stain Removal/ Reduction


Interior Glass Clean


Interior Plastics Clean


Long Term Protection Options

Your Place Or Ours

Multi Service Options Available

Luxury Treatment

Many of these services can be performed at your place or your approved applicators workshop.

Contact With Us

Get started by building up your own package deal quote or let us know what you would like in our contact form, or contact us direct on 0800 731 137.

Total Care

Next to providing the best surface finish, your experience is our focus! From the moment you contact us our focus is on taking care of all aspects of your detailing, reconditioning and protection needs.

New Zealand Made & Owned

Many of our products are made right here in New Zealand. For the best advice, best solutions and complete dedication to making sure it’s right.

Exterior Ceramic Coatings

High gloss easy cleaning surface protection for your vehicle.

Interior Protection

Leather and fabric protection with NZ"s best warranty.

Stone Chip & Scuff Protection

OptiCoat PPF Film multi layer high clarity self healing film.

1-2-3 Stage Detaling

Paint detailing wash mark, water spot defect correction.

Vehicle Grooming

Regular exterior and interior vehicle grooming service.

Full Service

A dedicated team that takes care of every aspect.