Ultra Detailing

Masters of the craft in refining paint and rectifying paint defects. From deep cleaning to remove environmental pollutants, through to tar removal, water spot clean back and overspray removal.

Stages 1, 2 or 3 Paint Detailing

Deep Cleaning - Paint & Glass

Tar, Bee Wax & Sap* Removal

Water Spot Clean Back

Overspray Contamination Removal

From $250

Time Frame: 3-8+ hrs depending on the needs.

Your Car

Is your car showing the signs of its experiences, fine lines and swirls from washing, drying in the sun water spotting, tar, bees wax stains or just looking like it lacks depth and shine?

Collectively, our approved applicators have over 50 years experience in restoring paint work without respraying*. Their practices and skills are honed from employing the highest IDA standards and dedication to applying the best products and techniques. All designed to recondition the paintwork where possible.

  • Remove all environmental pollutants from the paintwork, dirt, tar bee pollen and sap*.
  • Apply deep clean solution designed safely to lift further pollutants from paintwork.
  • Apply stage 1,2 or 3 cut and polish as discussed and agreed with you.
  • Apply long lasting wax or sealant to the paint surface.
  • Watch as your smile beams.
What You Should Know*

Not all products and services are equal!

Many detailers and groomers will use silicone based products that make a car look very shiny when you collect it. However, after two or three washes this look and shine are gone, and you are back to the same dull surface showing lines and marks etc.

Tree Sap* Can leave a permanent mark in the clear coat (if left for too long). No all tree sap stains can be fully removed. Though many can be reduced in their appearance.

Water Spotting Stains on paint work can leave deep pitting in the clear coat. Our process for removing water spotting stains uses a proprietary cleaning solution (not an acid) that gently breaks the bond. Where pitting has occurred we endeavour to reduce the look as much as possible. But not all can be removed. This normally occurs on the roof or bonnet areas.

Vehicle Types

Our experience in paint restoration has seen us work on the full range of small hatchback through to super cars and boats.

  • Small Cars
  • Medium Cars
  • Large Cars
  • Motorhomes
  • Boats
Frequently Asked

What’s the difference between 1,2 & 3 stage?

Stage 1 detailing is considered a paint clean with light cut and polish, and this may hide many marks; however, it will not last. In contrast, a stage 2 cut and polish removes many fine lines and some scratches providing a longer-lasting shine*. Stage 3 is a full paint correction, where possible, eliminates all wash marks, swirls and many scratches*.

How Long Does It Take?

A quick stage one detailing can be done in as little as 3 hours. With full paint correction at around 8 hours or more, depending on the condition.

How Long Does It Last?

Our Stage 1 with a quality wax or sealant can last 3-6 months. In contrast, stage 2 or 3 detailing can last for many years*. What’s more, with a quality nano-ceramic coating, this can be extended.


*scratch removal options are determined by the depth and length of the scratch, please talk with us about your needs.


Performed By Craftsman

A stage one cut and polish is designed to perform a refresh of the paint surface, and is best used on paint that has already been fully detailed or is new and shows minimal swirl lines or holograms on the paint.

A two stage (most popular) cut and polish brings more refinement to the process and allows time for correcting many lines, swirls and marks. However, it is not a full paint correction or three stage. What’s more, with a two stage an optional, clear coat rejuvenation process which will fill in many fine lines and provides deep glossy finish that will last for many years*.

A three stage (full paint correction) cut and polish brings new meaning to the term shiny. It is designed to remove all marks that can safely be removed without risking damage to the clear coat. As close to a new showroom finish as is possible. Whats’ more, with an optional clear coat rejuvenation process applied it’s going to look like, as new paint for many years to come.

Luxury Treatment

Many of these services can be performed at your place or your approved applicators workshop.

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