Dura-Seal Ultra Ceramic Coating V’s Mineral Water Spots

Dura-Seal Ultra & Hard Water Spots

When left on the surface to dry, tap and bore water can leave mineral deposits on the paint or coating surface. These mineral deposits can etch into the paint and some paint coatings. However, Dura-Seal Ultra’s slick hydrophobic surface allows for easy removal of the water spots without the need for buffing. What’s more, the coating remains in tack. While other coatings may break away, as a result, Ultra will not break away as it forms a strong, lasting bond to the paint surface.


Water Spots On Ceramic Coating

The Process

We clean the dirt and dust from the surface with an emulsifying cleaner, most water marks will lift off with this process. Remaining water marks are removed with DuraSeal Water Spot remover.

  1. Clean with emulsifying cleaner OptiClean
  2. Apply Water Spot Remover
  3. Rinse surface to a bright shine



While ceramic coatings provide many benefits, they do not stop mineral water from forming hard deposits on the coating surface. Mineral water deposits are hard water deposits from the tap and bore water. In contrast, dust spots are formed from rainwater and dust on the surface.

Mineral water spots often require removing with specialist solutions. The key difference between coated and non-coated cars is that Dura-Seal Ultra coated cars will not need and cutting compounds to remove hard water spots.


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