Chameleon Action SV – Ceramic Gelcoat Protection

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Dura-Seal Ultra Ceramic Coating

A fun caravan the Chameleon Action SV looks impressive with the Dura-Seal ceramic coating for Gelcoats, produces a hard-wearing high-gloss surface that is UV stabilised to provide years of protection from the environment. Look through the galley at the finished coating application images of the Auto Leisure & Marine (ALM) Chameleon Action SV caravan.

The build-up of environmental pollutants and water spots over time can dull down the reflective surface of the paintwork. Application of a quality ceramic coating will help to minimise the occurrence of hard-water mineral spots and other environmental damage. While coatings are beneficial – regular maintenance is expected to maintain the shine.

Application performed by | Hamilton

Left side looking backwards

Ceramic For Gelcoats

Left side with plant in shot after application of ceramic coating

The Process

Application of Dura-Seal Ultra for Gelcoats; deep surface clean to provide a clean base allowing the coating to bond directly.



Full Commitment

Our approved applicators are respected for their commitment to providing the best results.

Full paint detailing and restoration requires a specific process. Dedicated to correction and preservation of the clear coat. Before any cutting and polishing can begin, there’s the matter of removing environmental pollution build up and exposing the clear coat for correction.

  1. Clean back the heavy dirt items.
  2. Apply environmental pollution remover.
  3. Wipe away pollutants exposing clear coat.
  4. Cut Polish Clarity Refine and Chip Repair.
  5. Protect clear coat, sealant or wax.

Various techniques are used to check and recheck the finish to ensure the defects have been rectified. If you would like the best treatment on your vehicle feel free to contact us.

There is hope

A quality cut polish, paint detailing can remove these fine lines. Followed up with a ceramic coating to help reduce occurrences can provide for years of shiny reflective Gelcoat.

If your caravan’s an appreciating classic admired by many or it’s regular traveler, you can feel confident in knowing that our approved applicators have been there, caring for the caravans they work on as if they were their own. Their processes are designed to help improve and maintain the integrity of the factory finish while protecting and enhancing the look and feel.

Coating & After Care

Application of Dura-Seal Ultra for easy-cleaning. Wash with a quality product like Optimum ONR and Opti-Clean.  Ensure that you wash the vehicle when its cool to the touch and always fully dry the vehicle off. Drying off the vehicle elminates mineral water-spotitng.

Close up of window on right side
Close up of water droplets on side of camper after ceramic coating


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Left side with reflection of planter

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