Range Rover Evoque Nano-Ceramic High Gloss Coating

Dura-Seal Ultra High Gloss Nano-Ceramic Coating

Restoring older paint and protecting new paint. A large part of what we do is help people to restore and protect paintwork. The Ultra High Gloss Nano-Ceramic Coating provides a wet look that stays looking wet – wash after wash. What’s more, it provides excellent bug stain and water spot protection. Making it easy to clean and dry. Please talk with us about best care and use before having paint protection applied.

Application Performed In | Hamilton

High Gloss Nano-Ceramic Coating

The Process

It may be new, but it’s also likely to have marks and contamination on it. We inspect and remove all transportation wrap marks, environmental pollution through a light chemical wash or clay bar. Ensuring the coating has a clean surface to key to and create a lasting bond and protection layer.



Ultra Protect Coating

We are passionate about helping you keep your car looking and feeling like new. We are car people, but you don’t have to be a car ‘nut’ to enjoy the feeling of an Ultra Protected vehicle. Talk with us about how we can be of service to you in restoring gloss and shine.


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