Ford XR8 Water Spot Removal & Detailing

Ultra Water Spot Removal – Plus

Left under a sprinkler in the hot sun, calcified and baked the water on the paintwork. Our process for removing water spots from the paintwork allowed for the safe removal of the water spots. Once removed a full paint recondition restored the shine to the paintwork — Ready for chip repair and high gloss ceramic coating.

Application Performed In | Hamilton

High Gloss Nano-Ceramic Coating

The Process

For baked-on water stains, a gentle process of breaking the bond between the stain and the paintwork is our preferred method. In extreme cases, wet sanding can be required. However, we aim to restore and extend the life of the vehicles paintwork.



Ultra Protect Coating

We are passionate about helping you keep your car looking and feeling like new. We are car people, but you don’t have to be a car ‘nut’ to enjoy the feeling of an Ultra Protected vehicle. Talk with us about how we can be of service to you in restoring gloss and shine.


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