Dura-Seal Ultra Ceramic Protection Applied To Race Car

Dura-Seal Ultra – Ceramic Paint Protection

Ready for a new race season with an ultra-slick and glossy Dura-Seal Ultra ceramic paint coating. With many battle scars from seasons of racing. The ceramic paint coating restored depth and shine to the paintwork. Dura-Seal Ultra is a multi-layer ceramic resin that provides a thick heavy-duty, with a clear and deep gloss finish. Triple layer resin applied in one step.

Application Performed In | Auckland

High Gloss Nano-Ceramic Coating

The Process

The paint surface was cleaned and prepped for application of the coating, no reconditioning work was carried out prior to coating application. 



Ultra Protect Coating

We are passionate about helping you keep your car looking and feeling like new. We are car people, but you don’t have to be a car ‘nut’ to enjoy the feeling of an Ultra Protected vehicle. Talk with us about how we can be of service to you in restoring gloss and shine.


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