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NZ’s best interior leather and fabric protection product and service for automotive, RV and marine applications.

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New Zealand’s highest rated leather and fabric protection product as used by leading retailer’s in New Zealand and Australia. Made in New Zealand and backed by TF Groups industry leading customer support network.

Prevent leather and fabric from premature ageing while helping to retain suppleness of the leather. Protects against everyday spills and soiling damage. With a long lasting protective coating that makes for easy and fast cleaning of spills and stains.

Protect from body oils staining

Protect from perspiration staining

Protect from food and dirt staining

Customer Care Kit Included (Leather)

Easy Fast Cleaning

Vehicle Types

Our experience in paint coatings application has seen us work on the full range of small hatchback through to super cars and boats.

  • Small Vehicles
  • Medium Vehicles
  • Large Vehicles
  • Motorhomes
  • Caravans
  • Boats
What You Should Know*

Not all leather and fabric coatings and services are equal!

Many leather and fabric products contain silicone oils to help provide a beading-like effect of repellency. However, as the oils break down they attract dirt rather than repel, making it harder to keep the surface clean. True, solid resin based product provide lasting surface that binds between the fibres to help stop stains from soaking and becoming permanent.

Frequently Asked

How Long Do Fabric Coatings Last?

The weave of fabric allows the coating settle in between the fibres and provide lasting protection. The only circumstances in which you might want to consider reapplication is where the seat may have been cleaned with a strong surfactant or steam cleaner.

How Long Do Leather Coatings Last?

The nature of leather surfaces means that the coating application is repeated quarter basis. As semi-hard surface that flexes it’s best to set a quarterly reminder on your phone for cleaning and re-application.

What Do Coatings Do?

Quality coatings act like a barrier between your vehicles surfaces and the environment. Modern coatings provide longer lasting higher wear resistance. 

From $295

Depending on yours and the vehicles needs.

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Full Grain Leather

Commonly used in luxury vehicle’s Napa Leather is full-grain leather. Its texture retains the original markings of the hide. A protective OEM coating is applied to create a more durable finish.

Looking toward roof after ceramic coating applied

Semi-Aniline Leather

Semi-Aniline leather is coloured with aniline dyes followed by a coating to provide a uniform coloured finish. More widely used in the automotive luxury end than mid-range vehicles. Retains some of the softness attributed to aniline leather while being more durable.

Full front and right side after coating applied

Correct Grain Leather

Most commonly used through the automotive sector. Engineered to feel like a natural leather, it is at its most resilient when treated with leather protection products, widely accepted as the most suitable for high use automotive settings.

Our Process

Step 1: Surface Preparation

For leather surfaces we apply the cleaning solution as supplied in the leather kit. This is to ensure that any body oils and silicones are removed from the leather. For fabric surfaces – they are vacuumed where required with any existing stains being addressed as best as possible.

Step 2: Application

The leather protection cream is hand applied to the surface ensuring that it follows with the grain in the leather to provide the smoothest finish. The fabric protector is evenly sprayed over the fabric in and allowed to soak into the fibres forming a lasting protective bond.

Step 3: Dry and Inspect

The correct drying time is allowed for each of the products followed by an inspection to ensure a full and even coverage.

Aston Martin

Leather and fabric protection

Honda Accord

Full interior clean with leather and fabric protection

Ford Focus

Deep interior clean with fabric seats and carpets protection

Honda Accord

Carpet matts and boot liner fabric proetction

An experience tailored to you

From protecting the leather and fabrics in cars, motorhomes, caravans and boats. We can tailor solution that best meets your needs for the long term protection of your pride and joys interior.

Maybe it’s the school run and weekend sports that leave the worst of life on your seats. Rest easy with the knowledge that Dura-Seal interior protection products provide the best warranties in New Zealand.

Custom Package

Talk with us about your specific needs. How you use your vehicle and the type of experience you want from your coating.


Luxury Treatment

Many of these services can be performed at your place or your approved applicators workshop.

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Total Care

Next to providing the best surface finish, your experience is our focus! From the moment you contact us our focus is on taking care of all aspects of your detailing, reconditioning and protection needs.

New Zealand Made & Owned

Many of our products are made right here in New Zealand. For the best advice, best solutions and complete dedication to making sure it’s right.

Exterior Ceramic Coatings

High gloss easy cleaning surface protection for your vehicle.

Interior Protection

Leather and fabric protection with NZ"s best warranty.

Stone Chip & Scuff Protection

OptiCoat PPF Film multi layer high clarity self healing film.

1-2-3 Stage Detaling

Paint detailing wash mark, water spot defect correction.

Vehicle Grooming

Regular exterior and interior vehicle grooming service.

Full Service

A dedicated team that takes care of every aspect.