Mazda 3 Mirror Car Paint Finish

Ultra Deep Shine and Reflection

Our paint cut, polish detailing and S.M.A.R.T stone chip repair process provide an excellent mirror finish. Where the underlying paint is restorative, our method offers outstanding exterior grooming results.

This Mazda 3 had extremely faded paint that looked like it had been at the ocean. We used our wipe on wipe off solution to dissolve the bond between the paint and the water stains. This takes about 30-45 minutes of gentle wiping. Followed by a clay bar treatment to remove any other surface contaminants and prepare the paint for buffing. 

Finally, a full three-stage corrective cut and polish paint detailing. Following which, we apply our spray and wipe stone chip repair, all sealed in with OptiSeal. The result is a finish that would make any owner very proud.

Application Performed By | Ultra Hamilton

High Gloss Nano-Ceramic Coating

The Process

Start by removing all surface contaminants. In the case of this Mazda3, it was heavily calcified water layered on the paint. Followed by normal long term road grime.

Follow this with a full corrective cut polish paint detailing and clarity refine. Wet sanding hard to move areas with 3000 or 5000 grit can help to get things started and minimise stress on the clear coat.


  • Clean the vehicle with an emulsifying cleaner
  • Clay-bar paint surface
  • Cut and Polish Paint
  • Repair Paint Chips


Ultra Protect Coating

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