Have UV damaged headlights prevented you from getting a WOF? Our headlight reconditioning service restores clarity and protects.

Removes UV Damage

Restores Clarity

WOF Ready

Applied UV Protection

2 Year Warranty

From $140

Time Frame: 1-2 hrs depending on the needs.

Your Car

New Zealand warrant of fitness standards:

 https://vehicleinspection.nzta.govt.nz/virms/in-service-wof-and-cof/general/lighting/headlamps Condition (Note 5). States, “11. A lens or reflector is damaged or has deteriorated so that light output is reduced.” This can cause a workshop to fail the vehicle for a warrant on the condition of the headlights.

Many people might use a buffer or even tooth paste to correct this issue. However, non of these options provides restoration of full clarity with ongoing UV protection.

  • Clean Back Dirt From The Lights
  • Sand Back UV Damage Coating
  • Refine Surface
  • Apply New UV Coating
  • Cure Coating To Lense Surface
What You Should Know*

Not all headlight repairs are equal.

Buffing headlights with a rotary polisher often results in irreparable damage to the plastics. Leaving burn marks in the plastic that will cause the light to fail. A full replacement of the lease is required.

Additional Protection.

We can apply Premium Shield Film over the lights to protect form scratch marks and stone chips. Please talk with your operator about this prior to booking; additional costs will apply.


Our process has a full 2 year warranty on the application of the coating. Does not cover pitting from stone chips.

Vehicle Types

Our experience in headlight reconditioning has seen us work on the full range of small hatchback through to super cars.

  • Small Vehicles
  • Medium Vehicles
  • Large Vehicles
  • Motorhomes
Frequently Asked

How Long Does It Last?

The standard coating is covered for 2 years; however, with proper care 3+ years can be achieved,

My Lights Are Cracked?

Many small fine lines can be removed and corrected in the repair process. However, deeper cracks will remain.

How Do I Care For My Lights?

You can extend the life of your headlight repair through weekly cleaning away any bugs. Bug debris will quickly degrade the coating on the lights. Wash with a window cleaner using a soft cloth.

Close up left side after UV damage repaired

Performed By Craftsman


Headlight UV Damage Repair

  • Application Time: 1-2hrs
  • For NZ environment.
  • Restores Clarity and Shine.
  • 2 Years Applicator Warranty.
  • Can Be Performed With Other Services.


Custom Package

Talk with us about your specific needs. How you use your vehicle and the type of experience you want from your coating.


Luxury Treatment

Many of these services can be performed at your place or your approved applicators workshop.

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