Mercedes Allisse Motor Home Gelcoat Protection

Front right with slide-out open

Deep Clean + Ultra Ceramic Coating

A deep Gelcoat clean to remove oxidisation and hard water mineral deposits from the surface – exposing a clear, bright layer of Gelcoat ready for Dura-Seal Ultra ceramic coating that is perfectly suited to protecting and Gelcoats from UV damage. Many hours of skilled labour went into removing the yellow staining of hard water deposits and UV damage. Once cured, Dura-Seal’s Ultra for Gelcoats provides a hard-wearing high-gloss protective layer that resists water, dirt, bug stains and bird droppings. The hard, slick surface is effortless to clean and provides that just waxed look wash after wash.

Application Performed In | Hamilton

Reflection on gelcoat at rear of motorhome after coating applied

High-Gloss Ceramic Coating

Motorhome parked outside after ceramic coating applied

The Process

Cleaned with surface decontamination cleaner, removal of swirls and fine lines from paint surface. Application of high-gloss ceramic paint protection coating.



Protective Coating

Coating applied to exterior paint and plastics; with an exceptional easy-clean surface for the owner. That will always have that just waxed wet-look after every wash. When considering a ceramic coating — look at the total cost of ownership over its serviceable life. Does the warranty include terms of use for specific products that must be purchased through the provider? Or, can you clean the vehicle with a quality wash solution dry it off and get that just waxed look each time.

Protects from: water spots, bird droppings, bug stains, road grime, wash marks. By holding the contamination in suspension on the coating surface for easy removal.

After Care

Dura-Seal Ultra is designed to be an easy cleaning cermaic coating. Wash with a quality product like Optimum ONR and Opti-Clean.  Ensure that you wash the vehicle when its cool to the touch and always fully dry the vehicle off. Drying off the vehicle elminates mineral water-spotitng.

Reflections on Gelcoat
Left front and guard after coating applied - lights reflecting on bonnet


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