Ford Focus Titanium Full Groom Detail & Ceramic Coating

Our Signature Grooming – Plus Protection

The owner of this vehicle had kept it in great condition, with only a few wash marks, swirls and painty chips to repair. They were looking for an all-round tidy up and longer term easy cleaning paint protection.

Engine Bay Dusting & Dressing

The Process

Our full Signature Grooming Service with a few additional services; including, paint detailing and paint chip repair and paint protection coating. We applied a long lasting ceramic coating to protect the paint and keep it looking glossy. Our process for this vehicle was:


  • Clean the vehicle with an emulsifying cleaner
  • Remove tar and pollen
  • Apply a deep cleaner to the paint
  • Stage two cut and polish paint surface
  • Repair stone chips
  • Vacuum, Dust/Clean  and Dress Interior
  • Dust and dress engine bay
  • Apply long lasting ceramic coating

Ultra Car Grooming & Cleaning

We are passionate about helping you keep your car looking and feeling like new. We are car people, but you don’t have to be a car ‘nut’ to enjoy the feeling of an Ultra serviced vehicle. Talk with us abot how we can be of service to you.


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