Audi RS4 Dura-Seal Ultra Ceramic Paint Coating

View down drivers side after side

Dura-Seal Ultra – Plus Surface Polish

Deep black Audi RS4 with a light pearl effect to give it that pop. Not a full paint detailing, but a deep surface clean polish with Dura-Seal Ultra ceramic coating applied. View the gallery images to see the change depth of colour through the application process. Dura-Seal Ultra is a high-gloss hydrophobic coating with advanced UV protection. It suspends contaminants for easy removal protecting your vehicles look and shine.

Application Performed In | Auckland

Stage two of application process, applicator working product

 Hydrophobic Ceramic Coating

Reflections in the left side after coating applied

The Process

With some vehicles, a light deep surface clean and light polish is all that is required to prepare for the ceramic coating.


  • Clean the vehicle with an emulsifying cleaner
  • Polish Paint Surface
  • Remove residues IPA cleaner
  • Apply Dura-Seal Ultra Coating


Protective Coating

Coating applied to exterior paint, plastics, brake callipers and wheels; with an exceptional easy-clean surface for the owner. That will always have that just waxed wet-look after every wash.

Protects from: water spots, bird droppings, bug stains, road grime, wash marks. By holding the contamination in suspension on the coating surface for easy removal.

After Care

Dura-Seal Ultra is designed to be an easy cleaning cermaic coating. Wash with a quality product like Optimum ONR and Opti-Clean.  Ensure that you wash the vehicle when its cool to the touch and always fully dry the vehicle off. Drying off the vehicle elminates mineral water-spotitng.

Left side full gloss and depth after coating applied
Applicator removing excess product from vehicle roof.


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Stage two of application, showing on front right guard

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